New Hearing Aid Discount Program!

Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO members can now get a special deep discount on hearing aids.  This new discount program offers members valuable savings:

What is the discount?

  1. Up to 63% below retail!*
  2. Discounted prices can result in a savings of up to $2,400*
  3. Discount is available on a wide selection of hearing aid choices from major manufacturers

You also get:

  1. 2-year supply of batteries at no charge
  2. 1-year in-office servicing at no charge
  3. 3-year comprehensive warranty, including loss and damage
  4. 30-day hearing aid evaluation at no charge
  5. No interest financing available for 12 months for qualified applicants

How it works:

This discount is available to Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO members through a special arrangement with Hearing Care Solutions (HCS).  HCS will schedule a hearing exam for you and answer any questions you have about hearing aids and pricing.  It is important to call HCS before having an exam or ordering hearing aids.

  1. Call the HCS toll-free number 866-344-7756 Mon - Fri 8AM - 8PM.  (If you are severely hearing impaired, please call 711 for assistance in placing your call.)
  2. An HCS Customer Service Representative will locate the nearest clinic and schedule an appointment for a hearing exam.  (You pay only your copayment amount for the exam.)
  3. Members receive an HCS Patient Handbook prior to their appointment containing information about hearing loss, hearing aids, and pricing.

If you decide to order hearing aids:

  1. Your hearing care provider places the order through HCS
  2. HCS contacts you for payment prior to hearing aid delivery
  3. Pricing is simple and transparent with one set price for the hearing aid you choose

For more information:

For more information, contact HCS or call Customer Relations.

*Savings is based on national retail average.  Retail prices may flucuate depending on region.  Prices and savings are for one hearing aid.



Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract.  Enrollment in Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred depends on contract renewal.