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Get a Physical Each Year

Why it’s Important to see Your Doctor for a Physical

Getting a yearly physical is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Get all the information you need to prepare for your next physical here.

Why it's important

Having a physical each year makes it easier for your doctor to spot problems early, when they are easier to treat. Your doctor will also recommend screening tests you may need to prevent future medical problems.

Work with your doctor

A good patient-doctor relationship is a partnership. You and your doctor are a team working together to help you stay healthy. It’s important to talk to your doctor about concerns you have, and always ask questions.

At your appointment, remember to:

  • Make sure you understand your doctor’s diagnosis
  • Make sure you clearly understand your doctor’s instructions
  • Share any concerns or symptoms
  • Always ask questions if you don’t understand something

Need help scheduling an appointment?

If you need help scheduling your annual physical, call Customer Relations. We can help you make the appointment.

How Our Plans Can Help

Annual Wellness Exam


Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred plans cover an Annual Wellness Exam each plan year. This is a more comprehensive doctor’s office visit designed to develop or update a personalized plan to prevent disease or disability based on your current health risk factors.

Cardiovascular Screening

Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred plans provide coverage for an annual visit with your primary care physician to help lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. During this visit, your doctor may discuss aspirin use (if appropriate), check your blood pressure, and offer tips for a healthier diet.

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