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Why breast cancer awareness is important for women—and men

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Having a mammogram every two years is the best screening tool for finding early signs of breast cancer for women between age of 50 to 74 years of age. A clinical breast exam is also recommended and is part of your regular medical checkup. Talk to your doctor about scheduling a mammogram and having a clinical breast exam. Your doctor can also tell you if you are due for any other screenings. (If you have already scheduled or completed a breast cancer screening this year, thank you.)

Men are at risk too

While more common in women, men can get breast cancer as well. Men are at an increased risk if they have certain risk factors including a family history of breast cancer or are obese. If you are considered high risk for breast cancer, make sure to talk to your doctor about your concerns.

It's covered

Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO members pay $0 for a mammogram every 12 months. You also pay $0 for a clinical breast exam every 24 months. For more details, see your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklet.

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