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What to Know About Hospital Bills

What if a bill I receive looks wrong?

If you or a loved one has received a bill that you think doesn’t look correct, give us a call.  We can investigate the claim’s history in our internal system to see if the hospital billed you correctly.  If we find that the amount you’re being billed looks incorrect, we’ll contact the hospital or provider to investigate and get the invoice corrected.  

Some tips for caregivers when dealing with hospital or provider bills:

  • When you call the hospital or insurance company, keep track of the name of the person you talk to along with the date and time you spoke to them.
  • Ask the hospital of doctor’s office if they have financial assistance programs, or if you can set up a payment plan for paying bills.
  • Be sure to check each bill your loved one receives to make sure that they’re being billed for the correct date, services, medications, etc.
  • Check the plan’s Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklet or call Customer Relations if you are unsure of the correct benefit information.