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How to Avoid a Return Trip to the Hospital

  1. Plan in advance for going home

If you have any concerns about how you will manage at home, tell the hospital staff as early as possible. It’s important to raise any concerns you have before you leave. Make sure you have the names and phone numbers for any home care services you need, know what problems to watch for, and have the name of a contact person and number to call if you have any problems. You can also ask for written instructions for follow-up appointments, treatments, or tests that are needed.

  1. Understand your medications when you leave

Before you leave the hospital, a list of your medications should be provided to you. If you don’t get one, ask. This list should include the reason for taking the medication, how much to take, when to take it and how often. Make sure you know about new medications prescribed to you, including potential side effects, or if there are medications you no longer need to take.

  1. See your doctor 5-7 days after leaving the hospital

It’s very important to see your doctor for a follow-up appointment 5-7 days after leaving the hospital so your doctor can make sure your recovery is going well. Bring your list of medications to your appointment and discuss them with your doctor. Make sure your doctor agrees with any new medications or changes made in your existing medications. 

  1. Consider working with a Care Manager

A Care Manager can help you transition to your home after being in the hospital. If you have any concerns about how to manage your care once you leave the hospital, talk to a Care Manager. Our Care Managers can make sure you receive the services necessary to keep you healthy and safe while recovering at home. Watch this video to learn more about how a Care Manager can help you.