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Why Is It Important To Take Medicine Correctly?

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Prescription drug taken correctly is important.

It’s important to take med­ication as instructed, even if you feel fine, in order to prevent your condition from getting worse or causing additional complications.

Take medication correctly—even if you feel fine

Taking medication as directed by your doctor, pharmacist, or other health care provider is called medication adherence. The goal of treatment is not just to make you feel better, but to keep you feeling better.

Use a pill box

There are a variety of daily, weekly, or monthly pill boxes available with morning, noon, or evening components so you can be sure you’re taking your medication at the right time each day.

Make it a habit

Make taking your medication a routine by connecting it with a daily activity. For example, take your medicine each morning when you make coffee, or use an external reminder, like a phone alarm, to prompt you to take your medication.

Make just one trip to the pharmacy

Did you know your pharmacy may be able to align prescriptions you fill regularly so you can pick up multiple prescriptions in a single monthly visit? A recent survey found 74% of people enrolled in a synchronization program improved their overall medication adherence. Ask your local pharmacist how you can synchronize your prescriptions.

Source: National Community Pharmacists Association