The ANOC Letter Provides 2023 Plan Changes

Publish Date

Each September, individual Tufts Health Plan Medicare Advantage members receive an Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) letter that shows any changes to benefits, copayments, or premiums for the upcoming year.  

ANOCs for the 2023 plan year will be posted to our website no later than October 15 and will be available on our plan documents page. 

Medicare requires all Medicare Advantage plans to send the ANOC letter to members in September so members can see what benefits are changing before the Annual Enrollment Period begins in October.

During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), Medicare eligibles can switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan, change from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan, and add or remove prescription drug coverage. 

AEP runs October 15th through December 7th.   Any changes made during AEP would go into effect on January 1st.