Are You Ready to Sell?

Publish Date

Before the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) arrives, make sure you are ready to sell Point32Health Medicare Advantage plans by having these three things in place: 

  1. A current state insurance license  
  2. Your 2024 AHIP Medicare + Fraud, Waste and Abuse Certification
  3. Your Point32Health Medicare Advantage plan certification (by state/plan) 


Once complete, this information needs to be provided to Medicare Broker Support at 

How will you know if you are ready to sell?

  • Independent Agents – we will send you an email confirmation when you are ready to sell.
  • FMO (Garity, HealthMarkets or other agencies where you have “an upline”) - We will provide reports to the FMO and you will be notified by them of your ready to sell status.
  • If you enter the portal through THP, your portal view will indicate when you are ready to sell.  Look for the RTS box on your “Certificates and Licenses” screen which will be checked.  
  • If you sell Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Stride plans in New Hampshire, you will be notified with a separate email about your ready to sell status.

We look forward to a successful partnership for 2024 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail Medicare Broker Support at or call 833-984-2387.