On Connecture

Publish Date
- 04:46 pm

Tufts Health Plan is on Connecture for Enrollments and HRAs. You are now able to submit enrollments and complete HRA’s and receive a fee. 

HRA Program Guidelines 

  • HRA must be completed by the broker with the member at the time of enrollment or within 7 days of submitting the application 
  • HRA fee is $75 each 
  • HRA fee will be paid out with the commission of the application 
    • If app is effective 7/1, HRA fee will be paid with July’s commissions 
    • HRA’s for apps effective 8/1 will be paid with August’s commissions, etc. 
  • HRA fees will not be paid for any cancelled applications
  • HRA fees will be recouped for any rapid disenrollments 


If you have any questions on how to access Connecture, please reach out to your FMO partner. For all other questions, please contact Medicare Broker Support. 

Medicare Broker support:

  • Email: medicarebrokersupport@point32health.org  
  • Call: 1-833-984-2387