New $0 PPO Plan Provides More Freedom

Publish Date
- 08:12 am

With our $0 Tufts Medicare Preferred Access (PPO) plan, your clients have the freedom to access any doctor or hospital—and you don’t need referrals.

Plus, with the ability to see providers both in and out of network, and worldwide coverage for urgent and emergency care, the Tufts Medicare Preferred Access (PPO) plan has your clients covered no matter where they choose to go.

Now, that’s freedom.

  • Freedom to access any doctor or hospital.
  • $0 monthly premium
  • $1,000 dental benefit built in, no separate dental plan needed
  • $0 medical deductible, plan starts paying right away
  • Rx drug coverage included
  • $0 copay for Tier 1 drugs at preferred pharmacies

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