Use the Over-the-Counter Benefit and Save

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- 12:18 pm

In 2023, members of Smart Saver Rx (HMO), Saver Rx (HMO), and Access PPO plans will have $60 per calendar quarter to spend on over-the-counter health items. An increase from the 2022 amount of $50 per calendar quarter.

With our increased Over-the-Counter benefit, members get $60 every calendar quarter to spend on eligible health-related items such as vitamins, toothpaste, and more. For a list of eligible items, visit

NEW - Members can also shop for eligible items at At checkout, members should select “pay with card” and enter their OTC card number. Note: Shipping fees will apply and will not be covered by their OTC card. To avoid fees, they can choose in-store pick-up.

Make sure to remind your clients to take advantage of this exciting benefit. 

Get more details on how to use the OTC benefit. 
If you have any questions, please contact Medicare Broker support:  
Call: 1-833-984-2387.