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Dental Coverage Information

Maintaining your dental health is crucial to a happy, healthy lifestyle! Below, you can view the most up to date information on your Dental Coverage options in addition to helpful articles that explain how to use your dental plan.

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Dental Guide

As a Tufts Health Plan member, you have access to dental coverage that provides the services you need to stay healthy. Whether your plan includes dental coverage, or you add the Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred Dental Option, these resources will help if you have any questions about your coverage.

This easy-to-use guide includes all the information you need to use your dental coverage including, covered services, cost information, and frequently asked questions.

2024 Dental Guide 2023 Dental Guide
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Flex Advantage Dental Coverage

Starting in 2024, Tufts Medicare Preferred Access (PPO) plan members get one card with two great ways to save.

The Flex Advantage spending card includes both the dental benefit and the over-the-counter (OTC) benefit. (Note: the Flex Advantage spending card is for Access PPO plan members only.)

How to Use Flex Advantage
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What is a Pre-Treatment Option?

Surprises can be fun but not on your dental bill. A pre-treatment estimate can help you avoid unexpected costs at the dentist’s office. Use the link to review what a pre-treatment estimate is and when you should request one from your provider.

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