Have You Had Both of Your Annual Checkups?


One important way of staying healthy is to see your health care provider each year. Tufts Health Plan makes this easy by covering both a physical exam and an Annual Wellness Visit.

What are the differences between these checkups?
At an Annual Wellness Visit, your primary care physician (PCP) or health care provider and staff will review your health status in depth and spend time learning about your lifestyle, daily activities, nutrition, and any stress you may have. This visit can help identify services to keep you healthy. 

At an annual physical exam, your PCP or health care provider will do a thorough check of your physical health, including checking your vital signs, examining your head, neck, and lungs, and reviewing all of your medications.
(For an easy way to remember your questions for your doctor during these visits, use the Doctor Visit Book.)

What do they cost?
Tufts Health Plan Medicare Advantage members pay $0 for an annual physical and $0 for an Annual Wellness Visit.1 (Access PPO members pay 40% coinsurance out of network.)

Should you have both?
Yes! Both checkups are important because they cover different aspects of your health. Having both each year is recommended, and they can be done at the same visit. Just ask to schedule them together when you call your PCP’s office to make the appointment.

Talk to your PCP or health care provider if you have concerns about an in-person visit. While an annual physical is generally conducted in person, it may be possible to have an Annual Wellness Visit with telehealth.
1A copay may apply if you receive services that address a medical condition during an annual physical or Annual Wellness Visit