How to Reduce Trips to the Pharmacy

Pharmacist educating customer about her new medication

If you are looking to reduce the number of trips made outside your home, these services can help you make fewer trips to the pharmacy. 

Have prescriptions sent to your home and save up to $212 a year

If your plan includes prescription drug coverage, you can avoid going to the pharmacy and have prescriptions you take regularly delivered to your door. With OptumRx Home Delivery Pharmacy, you may be able to save up to $53 for a 90-day supply of prescription medications (depending on the plan you are in and the tier your drug is on). That’s a potential savings of up to $212 a year!* With home delivery, your medications are conveniently mailed to your home. You can sign up online, by phone, or by mail: 


Medication synchronization

If you take more than one medication, it is likely that your medications don’t all refill at the same time. With medication synchronization, your pharmacist can synchronize your medications, so they refill together at a time that is convenient. Minimizing the number of different refill dates within a month and the number of trips to the pharmacy will help to make sure you don't miss a fill or fill late.

90-day supply

If possible, fill your prescription medications for a 90-day supply to limit the amount of times you need to visit the pharmacy. Filling a prescription for a 90-day supply would mean visiting the pharmacy only 4 times a year. The CDC recommends you have a 90-day supply of medications on hand in case you are unable to pick up your medications. Due to COVID-19, you can refill your prescriptions early without waiting to finish your current fill.

Contactless delivery

Many local retail pharmacies offer free next-day delivery of prescription medications. Contact your pharmacy to confirm participation.

Make it easier to stay on track with your medications

Packaging options

Keeping track of multiple medications isn't easy. Talk with your pharmacist about alternative packaging solutions. Your pharmacy may be able to provide you dosage packaging (for example: morning medications in 1 packet, evening medications in another for each day) to help you stay on track with taking your medications as prescribed. Call your pharmacy if you have questions about alternative packaging options. 


Ask your pharmacist about enrolling your prescriptions in an auto-refill program. With auto-refill, your medications will be filled automatically and waiting at the pharmacy for you!

*Applies to Rx plans. Savings may be different depending on the plan you are in or if you receive your benefits from a current or former employer. Tufts Medicare Preferred Prime Rx members can save up to $45 for a 90-day supply of prescription medications—a potential savings of up to $180 a year. Tufts Medicare Preferred Prime Rx Plus members can save up to $30 for a 90-day supply of medications—a potential savings of $120 a year. Tufts Medicare Preferred Access PPO plan members can save up to $49 for a 90-day supply or $196 per year.