Make Sure Your Plan is Right for You!


Make sure you are in the right plan

Most of our members stay in their plan each year. We hope you are happy with your current plan, but if your needs have changed, we have several plans to choose from. Maybe you’re looking for a plan with a lower monthly premium, or lower copays when you go to the doctor. If so, we can help you find the plan that fits you best.

To compare the cost of services for our HMO plans, use our plan comparison tool to help you match your needs to the right plan.

Several Medicare Advantage plans to choose from

We offer both HMO and PPO Medicare Advantage plans.

With an HMO plan, you choose a primary care physician (PCP) to be your main doctor. Your PCP keeps track of all the care you receive and refers you to specialists if needed. We offer a range of HMO plans at different costs:

  • Monthly premiums range from $0 - $248
  • Available with or without prescription drug coverage
  • Coverage for preventive services (physical, hearing, and eye exams)
  • Coverage anywhere in the world for emergency and urgent care

With a PPO plan, you do not have a PCP. Instead, you can access any doctor or hospital, but are responsible for coordinating your care. We offer one PPO plan:

  • $0 monthly premium
  • Includes prescription drug coverage
  • Coverage for preventive services (physical, hearing, and eye exams)
  • Coverage anywhere in the world for emergency and urgent care

When can you change your plan?

Every year from October 15th to December 7th, Medicare Advantage plan members can change their plan during the Annual Election Period. You can switch to a new plan, add or remove prescription drug coverage, or stay in the plan you are in now and not make any changes.

Common reasons for changing plans

  • Lowering your monthly premium
  • Lowering copays for doctor visits
  • Adding prescription drug coverage
  • Changing health care needs

Medicare Supplement plans, too

A Medicare Supplement plan works differently than an HMO plan. Medicare Supplement plans cover “gaps” in Original Medicare coverage such as deductibles and coinsurance.

Our Medicare Supplement plans:

  • Three plans to choose from – call us for monthly premium amounts
  • Do not include prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare is your primary insurer
  • You can see any doctor or go to any hospital that accepts Original Medicare
  • You do not need a referral to see a specialist

For details on how our Medicare Supplement plans work, give us a call.

Have questions? Call us!

We’re here to help answer any questions you have about your current plan or switching to a new plan. We can help make sure you are in the plan that is right for you!

1-800-701-9000 (TTY: 711)

Please note: If you receive your benefits from a current or former employer, please contact your benefits administrator regarding plan options and enrollment information.