How Your Care Management Team Helps You Stay Healthy

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As a Tufts Health Plan member, you have access to our Care Management team, which consists of health experts who assist in coordinating care and managing any health or social concerns. Our experts can help if you get sick, have an injury or social need like food or transportation, or are looking for ways to stay healthy.

The team includes nurse Care Managers, social workers, and other health professionals who work closely with your primary care provider (PCP) to guide you or your caregiver through the health care system, improve your health and well-being, and more.

As a member, there is no cost for you to work with our Care Management team. Here are 8 ways we can help:

  1. In Your Corner
    • Health care can be overwhelming. Our Care Management team makes sure you or your caregiver understands your options, and helps you get the services and care that you need. We’ll be by your side whether you’re at home, in your doctor’s office, at the hospital, or anywhere else in your community. 
  2. At-Home Recovery
    • If you are hospitalized, we help make your transition home easier. We can make sure you receive the right services to prevent return trips to the hospital, including getting care at home if you need it and making follow-up appointments with your doctor. We can even assist you in getting your home assessed for any safety issues. 
  3. Healthy Living 
    • We don’t help only if you’re sick or injured. We offer support if you’re looking to start an exercise program, improve your diet, or set new health goals.
  4. Chronic Condition Management 
    • If you have a condition such as diabetes, heart failure, or depression, we can help you learn to manage your illness and access the services and resources you need.
  5. Medication Assistance
    • We’re here if you need help managing your medications or have concerns about affording your prescriptions.
  6. Complex Assistance
    • If you have multiple chronic conditions or need more support to manage your health, we can work closely with you and your doctors to make sure you have the resources you need. We also help you or your caregiver coordinate your health care services, simplifying the process for everyone.
  7. Social Needs Support
    • We can provide assistance if you have concerns about food, housing, or transportation to medical appointments or the pharmacy.
  8. Dementia Care
    • If you or a loved one has concerns about memory loss or dementia, we can help answer questions, assess care needs, provide care planning, and assist with referrals to community resources, support groups, and education programs.

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