Take Charge of Your Health with Your Electronic Medical Record


An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digitalized medical chart, maintained by your doctor to track your health history. Many providers offer access to your EMR through an online portal, which you can log into using an internet-connected computer or smart device. 

Though EMRs vary by provider, most EMRs allow you to access basic services without having to call or visit the office. Here are some typical uses of your EMR.

Manage your appointments

You can schedule, change, and cancel appointments. Many EMRs also allow you to complete your check-in paperwork and even pay your copay ahead of time.

Renew a prescription

Running out of a medication? You can submit a request to have the prescription renewed right through you EMR.

View test results

After an appointment, you can log into your EMR to view your doctor’s notes and review results from any tests you received.

Request an estimate

In addition to paying your bills, you can also use your EMR to get an estimate for the cost of a service or procedure.

Ask non-urgent questions

If you have a question for your doctor that does not require an immediate response (i.e., a non-emergency situation), you can ask it through your EMR. This is a great way to get information you need between appointments.

Access additional support 

Providers often provide links to educational resources that can help you better understand your care and look after your health.

Resources & Tools

Drug Search

Use the drug search tools to find out if your drugs are covered and which tier they fall under on your plan type.

Find a Doctor

Find a doctor within your Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred HMO network or your Tufts Health Plan Senior Care Options network.

Health Library A-Z

Tufts Health Plan has partnered with Healthwise to provide members with access to a library of high-quality content on conditions, treatments and more.