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Discounts Help you Stay Safe at Home

Be Safer at Home

Be Safer At Home (BSAH) offers members substantially discounted rates on the installation and monthly fees of a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). BSAH has several options to meet your lifestyle and budget needs including; Landline, Cellular, Mobile, Mobile GPS, and Fall Detection. While all the units are easy to install, members can schedule installation by a BSAH technician at no charge.

  • To receive the discounted rates, members can contact Be Safer At Home at 1-781-938-PERS (7377) and provide code TUFTSMP.

Well Balanced Meals Program

Home delivered meals offer a convenient and affordable way to recover from an illness, a surgical procedure, or to manage a chronic condition. Nutrition plays a critical role in keeping healthy and in maintaining optimal health. As one of the nation’s largest nutritional meal providers, Independent Living System delivers 1 million medically tailored meals a month.

  • Get a 15% discount on home delivered meals through Independent Living Systems.
  • To place an order, members can call 1-844-372-8631.

LifeCycle Transitions

LifeCycle Transitions is a vendor that compassionately serves the needs of individuals, including seniors, veterans, disabled individuals, and others suffering from chronic health problems who require multiple services to stay well at home or to transition to a new location. Members will have access to discounted packages to assist with healthy home living and home modifications to help members age in place or transition home after a hospital stay. 

  • Savings include a 20% discount for services such as home modification, house cleaning, hoarding assistance, and others.
  • Please contact LifeCycle Transitions at 1-877-273-7810 or find additional information on the LifeCycle Transitions website. Use the reference code LCTTHP to access the Tufts Health Plan discount.

Our Healthy Living Essentials: Preferred Extras has additional information.

Discounts and services included in the Preferred Extras program are not plan benefits and are not subject to the Medicare appeals process.