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Understanding Your Health

Are X-rays Dangerous? What You Should Know

What imaging studies involve radiation? X-rays CT or CAT (computerized tomography) scans Nuclear medicine studies PET (positron emission tomography) scans, bone density scans Mammograms Please note: MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), MRA (magnetic resonance angiography) and Ultrasound (or sonogr...

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Staying Healthy
Woman drinking milk

Osteoporosis and How to Keep Your Bones Healthy

How it happens To keep bones strong, your body breaks down old bone and replaces it with new bone tissue. As people age, more bone may be broken down than is replaced. Who it affects The risk of osteoporosis grows as you get older. At the time of menopause, women may lose bone quickly for several...

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There is no one cause of depression. For some people, a single event can bring on the illness, while others become depressed for no clear reason. Genetics can play a role and studies have shown that depression may run in families.

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nutrition through fruits and veggies.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Why it's important Most people know good nutrition and physical activity can help maintain a healthy weight. But the benefits of good nutrition go beyond weight. Good nutrition can help:

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